Daily life items

Depending on your needs and tastes, I create customizable and practical items that facilitate your daily life:

    • Aprons of kitchen, gardening, painting for adults in coated cotton canvas or stain-resistant fabric. With pocket and adjustment ring on the shoulder, they can be personalized with the addition of a pattern or embroidery.
    • Woman model aprons in cotton canvas with several pockets.
    • Plus Size Aprons in cotton canvas with bias and long strap around the waist.
    • Bags foldable reusable cotton to avoid plastic ones. A Tote bag in your image and customizable!  it can be made in cotton approved for food contact made in Belley for 100% Origin’ain bulk bags.
    • Toiletry and make-up bags in stain-resistant cotton with zipper and inside pocket, the inside is lined. 
    • Jewelery pouches: two pockets, clip-on leather earring holder and ring holder.
    • Wipes in cotton and eucalyptus sponge, matching tote bag to protect them
    • Pie and bread bags made of cotton for zero-waste food transport and good conservation.
    • Food protection in colored anti-stain fabric, 6 possible sizes.
    • Fragrant bags filled with 100% natural lavender flowers from my garden in a carton or heart. 
    • Hair scrunchies to make during sewing or to take away for the pleasure of the hair!